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Highlights 1998


  • 12-16 January: Major Messing went to Colombia to meet with US Embassy and Colombian officials. He traveled to the Helicopter Training site at Mariquita as part of his continuing fact-finding mission on the Drug War in that country. Messing issued a report on one particular aspect of that trip to the Members of Congress.

  • Major Messing receives an anti-narcotics award from Colombian National Police (below, left).
Pict3.gif (50070 bytes)

Majors Gil Macklin and Andy Messing in Miraflores, Colombia

  • 21-26 February: Major Messing went on a trip to Puerto Rico to observe anti-drug efforts. While there, he was briefed by senior regional officials, flew in a C-130 patrol aircraft (below), and spent two and one-half days on a 110' US Coast Guard Cutter, the PEA ISLAND.

Pict5.gif (45344 bytes)

Major Messing with pilots of U.S. Coast Guard C-130.

  • 19-24 March: Major Messing conducted medical and fact-finding mission to Haiti (the 8th medical trip since 1993). NDCF took in a half ton of medicines to the Missionaries of Charity group in Port-Au-Prince. The NDCF staff took the medicines to the site where they found children in pain... AIDS, Cholera, worms...Thanks to Joe Williams, John & Tina Scribante, and Dr.'s Armstrong and Jenkins for their assistance in collecting and delivering the desperately needed aid (below).

Pict4.gif (45076 bytes)

Joe Williams (pilot), John and Tina Scribante and Major Messing prepare to deliver medical supplies to Sisters of Charity in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  • 17 April: Major Messing spoke before the Rotary Club of Minneapolis on drugs being a threat to national security.

  • 16-22 May: Major Messing went to the Philippines to meet with key government officials. He learned that the Red Chinese military is gearing up for a confrontation with America.

  • 16 July: Major Messing went to Austin, Texas, to brief Governor George W. Bush on Defense and Foreign Affairs issues.  (Click here to read the updated briefing.)

    Bush_Messing.jpg (45076 bytes)

    Major Messing meets with Governor George W. Bush in the governor's office 16 July 1998 to brief him on defense and foreign policy issues.

  • 23 July: Major Messing went to Los Angeles, CA to brief Mr. Alvin Toffler (futurist author & advisor to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich)

  • 25 July: Major Messing took $40,000 worth of high impact medicines into an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, bringing NDCF's total medical relief effort since 1983 to 137 tons.

  • 15 August: Major Messing visited a Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia to see the status of the Navy.

  • 10-12 October: visit to California to discuss space weapons and communications.


Op-Ed Pieces:

  • December 1998, Pointer, "NATO Threat Splits Montenegro" by Bill Shingleton

  • November/December 1998, International Policy Review, "Call for No Compromise" by Dillon Twombly

  • November 1998, Program Overview, "Humanitarian Aide and Refugee Relief" by Milton R. Copulos

  • October 1998, Pointer, "Khatami's Military Buildup Continues" by Bill Shingleton

  • 27 September 1998, The Washington Times, "Rules on Encryption That Dull the U.S. Edge" by F. Andy Messing Jr. and Dillon Twombly

  • 3 August 1998, Los Angeles Times, Will Narco-Guerillas Become the Rulers?"

  • 7 August 1998, The Washington Times, "A New President Facing Old Turmoil" by F. Andy Messing Jr. and James Dempsey

  • 19 April 1998, The Washington Times, "Trading Ideas at the Summit", by F. Andy Messing, Jr. and Josh Gabriel

  • 22 April 1997, Confidential Report to Congress published, (released to public 30 April), "An Argument for Quality and Appropriate Quantity of Assistance for Foreign Anti- Drug Forces"

  • 17 February 1998, USA Today, "Get Rid of Saddam" by F. Andy Messing, Jr.

Letters to the Editor:

  • 8 October 1998, The Washington Times, "Nuclear Capabilities do not Deter Terrorists" by Andrew R. Chilcoat

  • 14 October 1998, The Washington Times, "Keeping an Eye on Russian Arms Dealing" by Mark R. Bradford

  • 23 October 1998, The Washington Times, "North Korea is not Following the Agreed-upon Framework" by Jennie Quick

  • 2 November 1998, TIME Magazine, "Princes of the Middle East" by Mark R. Bradford

  • 10 November 1998, The Washington Post, "Playing into Saddam's Hands" by Mark R. Bradford

  • 12 November 1998, The Washington Times, "Members of the Military Should be able to Speak About the President, by Alejandro Sante

**October 1998, National Security Briefing for Governor George W. Bush (TX.) First Draft 16 July 1998, revised 27 October 1998, compiled by Major F. Andy Messing, prepared by Dillon Twombly, Andrew R. Chilcoat, Mark R. Bradford, edited by Jennie Quick

Recent Activities of the NDCF:

  • 20th Anniversary in November

  • Published 1998 World Conflict Count, used by CNN, Associated Press, CIA, and DOD.

  • August, 1998: engaged in Anti-Drug Legislation HR4300 to up-grade America's efforts

  • Major Messing met with Futurist Author and Advisor to former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Alvin Toffler (to brief him on Warfare trends into the 21st century)

  • Major Messing lectured to students at local Universities on Defense and Foreign Affairs Issues

  • Maintaining internship program (all four current interns have been published)

  • May 1998: Fact finding trip to the Philippines, met with key government officials about Red Chinese Military

  • October, 1998: Prepared National Security Briefing for Governor George W. Bush Jr. of Texas

  • October, 1998: Major Messing took a trip to California to look at the "Meth" traffic from Mexico

Featured In/Quoted In:

  • 1 December 1998, The New York Times, "Congress Steps Up Aid for Colombians to Combat Drugs" by Diana Jean Schemo

  • April 1998, The Washington Post, "Who Lost Colombia?" by Robert D. Novak

  • 10 April 1998, The Washington Post, "Colombian Rebels Seen Winning War" by Douglas Farah

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

  • Testified before the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives on March 31st 1998 about US counter-narcotics policy towards Columbia

  • Major Messing Lobbied Congress on Anti-Drug Issues, Isolating the Chinese Military, Energy Matters, Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict matters, especially emergency medical care

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