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Highlights 1989


  • Drug research was the purpose of an NDCF excursion to Venezuela as Major Messing met with then U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich; NDCF, as well as Former U.S. Ambassador Milan D. Bish and Mr. Roger W. Fontaine, then went on to visit old combat sites in Grenada


  • Over 50 trips to El Salvador to date; A total of 21 conflict areas have been visited thus far by NDCF

  • On a trip to El Salvador to monitor the elections, NDCF also stopped in Honduras to monitor the Contra camps

  • A trip to Peru's "Cocaine Valley" was taken by NDCF

  • A fact-finding investigative group was sent to Costa Rica

  • NDCF sent a team to assess the drug situation in the Bahamas

  • In order to assess the current situation in the Philippines, NDCF visited the islands on an important fact-finding mission

  • Messing meets with President George Bush to discuss the national counterdrug strategy (see below)

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Delivered medicine to the Philippines and El Salvador

Messing & President Bush discuss Counterdrug Policy



Op-Ed Pieces:

29 January 1989, Los Angeles Times, "El Salvador: Stepwalking Into Disaster" by Mr. Allen Hazelwood

Fall 1989, Policy Review, "A Farewell to Alms: The Contras Can Win If They Break Their Culture of Dependency" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Allen Hazelwood

Featured In/Quoted In:

6 January 1989, The Washington Times, "Contras Found Fit for Battle, but Unfunded" RE: NDCF's recent trip to Central America

1 May 1989, Newsweek, RE: Meeting with Col. "Nick" Rowe when Major Andy Messing was in the Philippines

4 September 1989, The Washington Post, "The Peruvian Connection" by Evans & Novak RE: Drug Wars

15 December 1989, The Washington Times, Bush Faces Tough Right, Wins Decision" RE: Major Messing's meeting with the President


Exposed environmental danger of cocaine processing in Peru

Researched the possibilities of expansion of the Reagan Doctrine for a more balanced Bush Doctrine after the transition

Messing and Congressman David Drier (R-CA) going into a Contra camp, Honduras

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Talked to Drug Czar William Bennett, Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney and Attorney General Dick Thornburgh on Drugs

Pushed for anti-drug legislation while encouraging NDCF members to become involved in the process

Encouraged President Bush to declare a war on drugs with a unilateral action to protect America

Supported an earmark of 5% of each Federal Department's budget to support the Drug War

Encouraged a 50% bounty to be put on seized drug property

Proposed that cocaine and opium be eradicated at their growing sources

Publicized the harmful effects of cocaine production on the environment

Briefed Mr. Melvin Levistsky (Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics Matters at the State Department) on the Peruvian drug dealers


NBC featured tape footage that NDCF took in the "Cocaine Valley" of Peru

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