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Highlights 1995


Fourth and Fifth fact-finding missions to Haiti in January and September; met with U.S./U.N. military, U.S. Embassy and civilians to discuss the process of "democratization in Haiti"

Visited "Gitmo" Naval Air Base, Cuba and Puerto Rico in February to report on the Drug War

U.S. Navy conducted a tour for NDCF representatives in Norfolk, VA on their Coastal Patrol Craft 170 foot class; they support Special Operations missions

August: Visited the Philippines to look at the potential conflict between Red China and the United States over the Spratly Islands

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

The fifth trip to Haiti in two years delivered about $70,000 worth of emergency medical supplies to Mother Teresa's orphanage called the "Missionaries of Charity"


Op-Ed Pieces:

6-12 February 1995, Defense News, "V-22 Flies Troops to the Future" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. J. Ware

21 February 1995, Los Angeles Times, "A Peacekeeping Job Half-Done" by Major Andy Messing

30 May 1995, The Washington Times, "Threat to Peace in the Pacific" by Major Andy Messing and Ms. J. Kole

29 December 1995, The Washington Times, "Lessons Overlooked in Haiti" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Daniel Keelan


Research paper published 28 February 1995, "Lifting the Ban on Alaskan Oil Exports"

Research paper published 1 March 1995, "The Taylor Plan: An Educational Initiative for the 21st Century"

Research paper published 16 March 1995, "Another World Oil Shock"

Research paper published 5 June 1995, "DAGGR: Answering the Low Altitude Weapon Threat"

Research paper published 21 September 1995, "DAGGR: Demonstrated Capabilities and System Justification"

Research paper published October 1995, "Natural Gas Vehicles: Helping Ensure America's Energy Security"

Study released December 1995, "World Conflict Areas", reporting 71 conflicts worldwide

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Lectured at the Central Intelligence Agency on intelligence analysis techniques then, before ABA Lawyers in New York City on why the United Nations does not work

Testified about Haiti at the Captain Rockwood Trial at Ft. Drum, New York, as an expert witness

Briefed the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) regarding the increase of Small Wars and Drug Wars

Sponsored a seminar on defense trends into the 21st century; also spoke with Dr. Edward Luttwak of the Center for Strategic and International Studies on the 24th of February on Capitol Hill before 50 plus defense specialists of Congress

Met with Philippine Ambassador to discuss the Spratly Islands

Worked to preserve the "Depressed Altitude Guided Gun Round" (DAGGR), an artillery shell that is guided by radar in the Defense Bill


Appeared on "Sixty Minutes" in January regarding combat recognition to Special Forces advisors who fought in the conflict in El Salvador and later in May to discuss the coming conflict with Communist China over the oil-rich Spratly Islands

Also appeared regularly on National Empowerment Television (NET) regarding China, United Nation peacekeeping and other issues relevant to national security

Lectured at American University and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on "Peacemaking in a World with 70 Conflicts

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