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Highlights 2002


6-9 December: NDCF made its annual Medical Mission to El Salvador taking emergency prescription drugs to those who need it.  This mission was especially important as the Salvadoran doctors have been on strike for over three months in order to persuade the socialization of the medical system.  Patients were seen only on an extreme emergency  basis and often were unable to get follow-up exams.  NDCF pilot Joe Williams and his family accompanied the trip as Williams received awards  in recognition of his efforts during the conflict period and following the recent earthquake. 

NDCF Pilot, Joe Williams receiving awards from AGAPE Mission in Sonsonate, El Salvador, below: & from the Chief of Staff of the Salvadorian Air Force, left: for Heroic and Humanitarian efforts between 1987-2001 during the conflict period and subsequent earthquake.


19-23 August: Bodyguards escorted Maj. Andy Messing on a fact-finding mission to Columbia.  NDCF was briefed and saw up-close the latest Narco-Guerrilla activity countrywide.  Information on Drug Trade activity and the latest FARC/AUC strongholds, combined with ghastly photos were brought back to pressure Congress and the media.

Above: Messing inside a Huey II Helicopter during a night patrol covering an 80 mile radius around Bogota.

Left: Messing and Maj. Butrago of the Columbian National Police are standing in front of a Bell 212 Helicopter after a day patrol.


Command Pilot Joe Williams’ twin-engine Aero-Commander flew NDCF Director, F. Andy Messing Jr. (US Special Forces, Ret.) to Guatemala.  The medical mission included seven huge containers filled with over $125,000 worth of antibiotics and other vital medicines.  The 900 pounds of life-saving supplies were distributed to a number of hospitals in the nation that were desperately short of medicine.

Left: (from left to right) NDCF Command Pilot Joe Williams, Col. Hector Lobo FAS (Ret.), Messing, NDCF contributor Bill Reap and a Guatemalan doctor  stand behind NDCFs medical contribution at a military airstrip in Guatemala City.

February:  NDCF conducted a fact-finding mission to Turkey and Cyprus.  NDCF President Milton Copulos examined first-hand the role of Turkish forces in the war on terrorism and obtained information on the 28-year long war.


Above Left:  Milton Copulos and a consular official in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey.

Above Right: Milton Copulos and Turkish Republic of Northern Cypress President Rauf Dentkash.


Lobbying, Consulting, Public Policy Making

  • 30 September 2002: Maj. Messing and Mr. Copulos meet with Karl Rove, Political Advisor to the President, about political and military issues.
  • 23 August 2002: Drug Czar John Walters, Director of the White House Office on Drug Policy, met with Maj. Andy Messing to discuss new anti- Drug TV Commercials aimed at kids.
  • June 2002: Grassroots campaign accumulating public comments on Saudi Arabia.  The project contacted over 200,000 individuals and inspired many to send faxes expressing their concerns about the desert kingdom to Administration officials and the Saudi Ambassador.
  • February 2002: Three officers from the Pentagon consulted NDCF in future concepts in Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflicts.

Writing, Publications, Studies

  • 10 November 2002: The Washington Times, Maj. Andy Messing, Kurt Fischman, "Measuring A Masked Challenge"

     The war on terrorism is topping US national security priorities. Meaning, America will continue to aggressively pursue terrorists and disrupt their de-centralized organizations.  However, rather than these "evil doers", the future shows that the true challenge will be the metoric rise of the People's Republic of China (PRC) as a "major global competitor". Click here to read complete article

  • 6 October 2002: The Washington Times, Maj. Andy Messing, Olver Thiermann, "Assassination Policy"

     On Oct. 1, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer skillfully danced around a controversial issue. Since September 11, the government has been searching for new tools with which it can combat terrorism. There have been new laws, such as the Patriot Act, which reform the way we pursue terrorists domestically.
     However, when it comes to proactively countering terrorism abroad, much needed reforms have been few and vague at best. Of the few reforms proposed, only a handful have deserved the attention they have garnered. Of these, one of the most notable has been the proposed removal of the government ban on assassination.
Click here to read complete article

  • 15 October 2002: Insight on the News Magazine, F. Andy Messing Jr., Milton R. Copulos, "Better to Send Commandos, Not Legions, Against Saddam"

     There is no question that we must remove Saddam Hussein and his regime from power in Iraq. He has moved to acquire weapons of mass destruction and already may have acquired one or more "special atomic demolition munitions" (SADM) from Islamic republics within the former Soviet Union.
     The real issue is how best to remove him. Behind the scenes a quiet argument is raging within the Pentagon over just this question.
Click here to read complete article

  • 15 July 2002: USA Today, Letters, Oliver Thiermann, "Columbian Mayors"


  • 13 June 2002: The Washington Times, Maj. Andy Messing & Britney O’Conner, “Steadfast Ally worthy of support” Click here to read complete article


    • 3 May 2002: Washington Times. Maj Andy Messing, Ken Thompson, "Imperatives of the Colombian Drug War"

        The protesters who marched on Washington, last month voiced the belief that American current involvement in Colombia's civil war is a continuation of U.S. "imperialism" from the 1980s.But the trouble in Colombia today is not comparable to the problems of Latin America of the '80s. Colombia is not only a national security issue but also a health and safety issue. Click here to read complete article

    • 29 April 2002: Insight Magazine, Mr. Milton Copulos, “Saudi rulers are unreliable partners”

         Recent press reports suggesting that the Saudi government wants the U.S. troops stationed there withdrawn sparked a flurry of anguished commentary in Washington policy circles. Various experts were quick to hold forth on the strategic importance of our "alliance" with the Saudis and how essential the bases would be in the event of any military action against Iraq. They argued that U.S. interests in the region would be harmed irreparably should such a withdrawal take place. It was all very impressive. And it was all nonsense.  <Click here to read complete article>


    • 9 March 2002: USA Today, Letter to the Editor, William Crogan, “Bombs alone won’t oust Saddam Hussein”
    • 25 February 2002: The Washington Times, Letters, Brittany O’Connor, “Narco-guerillas make Columbia a potential Afghanistan”
    • January 2002: VFW Magazine, Mr. Milton Copulos, “Special Ops Pave the Way”

         An enduring symbol of America's war on terrorism was created last October when nigh-vision cameras filmed Army Rangers parachuting into Afghanistan,  The eerie, green-tinted pictures of canopies opening silently as the soldiers jumped into harm's way demonstrated that slogan, "We own the night" was more than an empty boast. Click here to read complete article


    Television and Radio

    • Appearances regarding Defense and Foreign Affairs
      • 20 September 2002 FOX & Friends
      • 12 September 2002 MSNBC "Abram's Report"
      •  3 September 2002 MSNBC "Abram's Report"
      •  5 August 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      •  1 August 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 14 July 2002 FOX TV
      • 11 July 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 5-8 July 2002 C-SPAN broadcasting lecture to Leadership Institute members
      • 16 June 2002 FOX TV (see picture to right with Geraldo)
      • 10 May 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      •  1 May 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 18 March 2002 MSNBC
      •  7 March 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      •  8 March 2002 MSNBC
      •  4 March 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 27 February 2002 MSNBC
      • 24 January 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 21 January 2002 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
      • 17 January 2002 MSNBC
      •  9 January 2002 MSNBC
      •  5 January 2002 MSNBC
      •  4 January 2002 MSNBC


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