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Highlights 1988


Over 44 trips to El Salvador to date with members of Congress, key policy-makers and media being escorted by NDCF

On December 27-31 a trip to El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica was conducted with a Congressional Delegation (CODEL) with Cong. Dreier, Lt. General Schweitzer, and Allen B. Hazelwood

Fact-finding trip taken to Guatemala to investigate the refugee situation in the aftermath of 40 earthquakes

Despite State Department warning regarding the mounting tensions and unrest in Panama over Gen. Manuel Noriega, NDCF went to Panama with Cong. Burton

Trip to San Diego where NDCF was briefed by U.S. Customs, Coast Guard and Border Control on anti-drug activity

Anti-drug mission conducted with U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Coast Guard

To date, NDCF has escorted over 65 members of Congress, media and key policy-makers to conflict areas

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Three shipments of medical supplies weighing 7 tons and valued at $1.2 million were supplied to conflict areas

Over 118 tons of food and medicine valued at $12 million has been distributed to needy areas by NDCF to date


Op-Ed Pieces:

Fall 1988, Wings of Gold, "Aircraft Carrier Forces: Meeting Today's Threat of Low-Intensity Warfare" by Major Andy Messing

14 October 1988, The Washington Times, "Democracy at Risk in El Salvador" by Major Andy Messing


Research paper published, January 1988, "Comments on the Proposed Commerce Department National Security Investigation of Oil Imports"

Research paper published, March 1988, "Will the Future be Reflected in the Past?"

Research paper published, April 1988, "The New Production Reactor: A Chance to Solve America's Nuclear Dilemma"

Research paper published, April 1988, "EIA's Natural Gas Model: Time for Review"

Research paper published, April 1988, "Penny Wise and Pound Foolish"

Research paper published, June 1988, "A New Direction for Environmental Policy"

Research paper published, July 1988, "Safety Considerations in Selecting a New Production Reactor"

Research paper published, August 1988, "Solving the Greenhouse Effect"

Research paper published, August 1988, "The Hidden Cost of Imported Oil"

Research paper published, September 1988, "Problems of Implementing Federal Energy Demand Restraints: The United States Experience"


Was cited by the IRS for helping the Contras with medical aid, which prompted the review of 501(c)(3) status

Were the first to support Oliver North in his actions to aid the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters; helped with support of his defense

  • Private encouragement of fund-raising
  • Filed criminal complaint against prosecuting Judge L. Walsh
  • Organized street demonstrations and press conferences to counter Judge Walsh's violation of the law in prosecuting Oliver North
  • Conducted and compiled an extensive survey proving American support for Col. North and his humanitarian actions; most did not feel his deeds were crimes and that he should not be charged with criminal action

    Sponsored the 3rd "American Heroes" Awards

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