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Highlights 1997


28 December NDCF representative delivers medical supplies to South Africa.  


Major Messing at Fort Bragg dedication ceremony for Sergeant First Class Fronius, a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier killed in action in El Salvador.

5-8 December, Major Messing traveled to Mexico to meet with US Embassy officials and Mexican Anti-Drug decision-makers to discuss the failing situation in that country, and identify some solutions to help shore up their crumbling counterdrug effort.  

12-17 October, NDCF staff toured southern Colombia on a fact-finding investigation of the evolving state of the Drug War. Major Messing met with US Embassy officials, as well as the head of the Colombian Naitonal Police -- General Jose Rosso Seranno. They discussed the anti-drug effort both in Colombia and the fight for support in Washington, DC. Finally, the Major flew along to observe a Combat Eradication Mission in the most contested area of the Drug vortex.  

17-22 August
, Flew into Haiti and delivered enough medicine for over 2,500 people to Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity. Major Messing met with senior officials in the United Nations, U.S. Embassy, and the U.S. military. They observed the U.S. troop withdrawal there and discussed the rising drug traffic in the area.


Trips to Colombia to escort and protect Congressional delegations, engage in fact-finding missions on the Drug War there, and support a CBS 48 Hours report on the Drug War. Helicoptering into the hostile areas of this war-torn country impresses Congressmen and their staffs on how we should be supporting people, like the Colombian National Police, who are risking their lives for both our countries!! 

Major Messing touring drug areas with Colombian National Police.

Visited the Coast Guard in Miami in July to discuss their drug interdiction efforts. 


Op-Ed Pieces:  

December 1997, Pointer "Drug Erradication Efforts Continue" by Steven G. Salisbury and Andy Messing Jr. 

31 October 1997, The Los Angeles Times "Army Is Key to the Chinese Puzzle" F. Andy Messing, Jr.

12 October 1997, The Washington Times "Our Environment and the Drug War" by Douglas Jacobson

7 August 1997, The Christian Science Monitor "In Xinjiang, China's Consolidation Isn't Solid" by William D. Shigleton

3 June 1997, The Washington Times "Sudan's Crisis of Desperation" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Michael Rudominer 

9 February 1997, The Washington Times "Unabated Methamphetamine Abuses" by Mr. Carson Nightwine and Mr. Rowan Kelly 

Featured In/Quoted In:  

13 March 1997, The Washington Post "Why Colombia?" by Robert D. Novak  

1 May 1997, The Washington Post "A Phony Drug War" by Robert D. Novak (NDCF supplied the article's research)


Research Paper published 1 May 1997, "The Graying of America: Strategic Implications For Health Care"

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:  

Major Messing testified before Congress on 14 February 1997 on the Drug War in Colombia  

Major Macklin and others escorted a Congressional Delegation including Rep. Hastart, Rep. Baar, Rep. Souder and others on a fact-finding trip to Colombia  

Major Messing briefed over 25 members of Congress on the Chinese threat (every month of the year - this is a continuing effort) 

The Foundation provided a confidential report on the Drug War to Congress  

The Foundation's experts conferred with CNN for their piece, "War on the Cocaine Cartel"

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