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Highlights 2000

Special Events

RIGHT: Major Messing receives a Joint Service Commendation Award for prior military service in El Salvador (1982-1984) from Under Secretary of State Thomas Pickering. Pickering commends NDCF for delivering 85 tons of medicine and food to the hottest combat areas of El Salvador during that timeframe.

Also, Messing receives congratulations from Lt Col Chris Roosa, USMCR.


Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Images from Major Messing's August trip to Bosnia (Left)
In August of 2000, Major Messing travelled to war-torn Bosnia on a fact-finding mission.

23-28 May: Traveled to Alaska to look at US Coast Guard operations in the North-West - from fishing enforcement, to anti-drug operations, to illegal immigration interception, to environmental activities. During that timeframe, Messing was flown out to the Alaskan Chain to Adak, over Kiska, past Shemya to Attu to look at the USCG LORAN station there. While in Attu, Messing visited his father's battle site where he earned a Bronz Star with Valor and a Purple Heart as a platoon leader in the 50th Combat Engineers while fighting the Japanese on 27 May 1943 - 50 years ago! This was a tremendous, personal Memorial Day experience for Major Messing.


Below, Left: Bogota, Colombia. Being briefied on US counterfeit dollars operation by National Police.

Above, Right: Turning over medecines to the Colombian National Police hospital for police and their families.

  • 12-18 April: Trip to Colombia to assess the situation there. Brought in $30,000. worth of medical supplies to the Colombian National Police (CNP) Hospital. Met with various government and key nongovernmental officials to discuss the crisis. Lectured at prestigious Javiar University and appeared on various media outlets to debate U.S. policy.

Lobbying, Consulting, Public Policy Making

  • December:
    • Release of World Conflict Count and subsequent media coverage, both print and electronic
    • Briefing to the US Department of State
    • NDCF Board meeting and strategic planning

  • November:
    • Academic writing seminar held for interns
    • Continued planning on Conflict Count release for 'end-of-year.'
    • Acquiring, sorting, packing, and manifesting medicines for impending medical relief mission

  • 12 October: Press conference on multi-drug resistant TB epidemic in Russia led by Milt Copulos, and meeting with key staff on Capitol Hill

  • September:
    • Lobbying on Capitol Hill on anti-drug efforts
    • Academic preview
    • Intern selection and orientation

  • August:
    • Meeting with Under-Secretary on Colombia
    • Meeting with officers in Naval Strategy branch about future U.S. Navy operations

  • April:
    • Meeting with Indian Defense Attaché and Chargé de Affaires concerning border disputes with China.
    • Discussed the state of war in Angola with UNITA representative
    • Briefed Amb. Paul Wolfwitz on Colombia
    • Attended meetings with Rep. Benjamin Gilman (HFAC) and Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) (Government Reform) and other members of Congress.
    • Briefed Senators Robb (D-VA), Majority Leader Lott (R-MS), and Hatch (R-UT) on Colombia.
    • Briefed seven investment advisors from New York City banks on Colombia.

  • 29 March: Meeting with Latin American experts in Washington DC
  • 10-12 March: Meeting in San Francisco about Defense and Foreign Affairs
  • 6 March: Series of meetings with Senate staff members on Colombia

  • 16 February: Meeting at Freedom Forum

  • 12 February: Flew to St. Louis to deliver a speech concerning coming conflict with China, and was a guest on a host of radio shows on the issue.

  • 10 February: Lectured a group of Leadership Institute Interns Arlington on Defense and Foreign Affairs

  • 3-4 February: Participated on a select panel of experts to discuss policy towards Colombia at the U.S. Naval War College

  • 31 January - 2 February: Sponsored 41 West Point Cadets, who traveled to Washington to tour the Pentagon, State Department, Captiol Hill, and The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

Lecturing to West Point Cadets about SOLIC at SOLIC, Pentagon.

Receiving West Point plaque for NDCF support of their SOLIC program in Washington, DC.

  • 13 January: Meeting at State Department concerning terrorism.

  • 4 January: Meeting at the Pentagon concerning Special Operation

Writing, Publications, Studies

  • 16 August 2000: The Washington Times, Commentary, Major F. Andy Messing and Mr. Steven Katz, "Taking the Pulse of a new Threat"

  • 2 July 2000: The Washington Times, Commentary, B4, Major F. Andy Messing and Mr. Lorenzo Cortes, "Neighbors First"

  • 17 June 2000: The Washington Times, A12, Sarah Brutlag, "Palestinian Refugee Fund not a Wise Investment"

  • 24 June 2000: The Washington Times, A11, Steven Katz, "Clinton's 'Guidance' Helps the Chinese"

  • 18 May 2000: The Washington Times, A19, Major F. Andy Messing and Robert Wyman "Angola Redefined."

  • 17 March 2000: The Los Angeles Times, A17, Major F. Andy Messing and John M. Wohlfarth "Chinas' real Goal may be Oil."

  • 10 March 2000: The Washingtno Times, A19, Robert Wyman, "US Must Support Democracy - Not Just the Military - in Colombia"

  • 24 February 2000 : The Washington Times, A18, Dan Kobrinski, "US Needs to Use its Greatest 'Weapon' in Colombia: America's Values"

  • 1 January 2000 : World Conflict Count goes worldwide on Associated Press (AP) wire and hundreds of newspapers across the country

Featured In, Quoted In

  • Interview with Washington Monthly Magazine concerning the Drug War

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