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Highlights 1999


22 January: Conference in Naples Florida, meeting with former Secretary of the Navy James Webb and others to discuss Defense and Foreign Affairs.

3-8 February: Major Messing, Joe Williams, John & Tina Scribante traveled to El Salvador where they flew an Aero Commander and delivered 1100 pounds of much needed medical supplies to the AGAPE mission in Sonsonate.

22 May: Visited the USS Hayler in Annapolis, Md. and was extensively briefed on surface ships operations.

20 April: Major Messing traveled to Ft. Bragg NC to lecture 60 Senior NCOs and Officers of the 7th Special Forces Group on the Macro-Micro elements of "Drug War" combat (both in the field and on Capitol Hill)

5-9 June: Major Messing went to Mexico and met the head of our DEA, US Military, and US Embassy officials. Discussed the drug war and the corruption and turmoil occurring in Mexico. Also took a bus trip to get an outside of Mexico City look.

22-24 June: Major Messing went to Florida where he advised a TV news station on a story about heroin, during which time he went out on a Coast Guard Vessel to do the taping of the story. (this involved observing a boarding for a drug inspection)

15 July: Major Messing visited the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin on Anti-Drug Ops and another Coast Guard vessel

    14-17 August: Major Messing went on a Medical Relief Mission to Honduras where he delivered 250 lbs of 254 different medicines and emergency medical supplies to a hospital in San Pedro Sula.

    23-25 September: Major Messing spoke at a conference on Defense and Foreign Affairs issues in Las Vegas, NV.

    8-9 October: Major Messing went to Austin Texas and then to San Antonio Texas, to a conference that involved Defense and Foreign Affairs. Conferred privately with George W. Bush.

    1-2 November: Major Messing traveled to West Point Military Academy and gave a lecture to cadets on Special Operations & Low-Intensity Conflict (photo, left).

    12-17 November: Major Messing went on a fact-finding mission to Columbia to gather information and deliver 250lbs of over 200 types of medicine to the hospital of the Policia National.


Lobbying/Consulting/Public Policy Making

11 March: Major Messing attended a 20-person dinner at the French Ambassadorís residence to discuss "Drug War" problems with Ambassador Tom Pickering (#3 at the State Department and an old friend), Mr. Tom Constantine (the head of the DEA), and the French Justice Minister. Additionally, discussed law enforcement and legal issues with Chief Justice Rhenquist and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

7 April: Major Messing had a consultation with a Senior Navy Doctor involved in a project to improve bulletproof vests for the U.S. Military

21 July: Major Messing and Mr. Milton Copulos conducted a seminar on Capitol Hill to discuss improved vaccination techniques for the U.S. Military.

7 October: Major Messing briefed Governor George W. Bush in Austin Texas, on major international issues.


Annual Studies:

    December: 1999 World Conflict List. The report was put on the World-wide AP wire

Op-Ed Pieces:

5 March: Washington Times, "Marijuana Canard" by F. Andy Messing and Ronald Nazzaro

1 May: Washington Times, "Insurgency Aid to Win...or Lose?" about the KLA F. Andy Messing Jr.and Artie McConnell

22 July: Washington Times, "Capitalism in China" by F. Andy Messing Jr.and James Dempsey

7 August: Washington Times, "DOD vaccination vexations" by Milton Copulos and Holly Meyers

13 August: Washington Times, "Urgent Mission to Troubled Colombia" by F. Andy Messing Jr. and Lorenzo Cortes

Letters to the Editor

18 January: Time Magazine, "Protecting the Forests", by F. Andy Messing Jr.

26 February: Washington Times, "Times Low-Balls the Number of Conflicts", by Artie Mcconnnel

15 March: Time Magazine, "Dinner with Jiang", by Artie McConnell

20 March: The Economist, "Let Japan Sail Forth", by Artie McConnell

21 March: Washington Times, "A Cutting Edge Anti-Drug Proposal That Hits the Mark", by Ron Nazzaro

14 June: Washington Post, "The Flow of NARCO-Dollars", by Lorenzo Cortes

26 June: Washington Times, "Institute Grossly Undercounts Conflicts in the World", by James Dempsey

3 July: New York Times, "Columbiaís Drug Money" by Lorenzo Cortes

13 July: Washington Times, "NATO is Correctly Keeping the KLA at Arms Distance", by Amy Bowe

19 July: Time: "The Presidentís Doctrine" by Lorenzo Cortes

26 October: Washington Times, "United States Should Pay Close Attention to Changes in Pakistan" by Patrick Keane

Featured In/Quoted In

14 June: Insight Magazine, "Special Forces Veteran Hits Conflict Head-On" ... an article about Major Messing by Stephen Goode

Media Appearances

Interview on Assassination Policy:

25 March: Ch 7/ABC Local News

Kosovo Conflict:

11 January, 7 pm: Americaís Voice "Defense and Foreign Affairs"

30 March: Ch 4/NBC Local News

2 April: Fox TV Cable News

5 April, 7 pm: Americaís Voice

19 April: NBC Local News

Drug War:

30 November, 1:35 pm: CNN International interview on Mexican & Colombian Drug conflicts.

30 November, 7:30 pm: Syndicated Radio Interview with Jane Chastine out of LA on Mexican & Colombian Drug conflicts.

19 December, 10:30 am: Center for Defense Information Defense Monitor on the drug war, broadcast nation-wide on channel 32

Political Commentary

5 October: White House Chronicle TV Taping. Discussed White House Developments, Presidential Candidates, International Issues

28 December: White House Chronicle TV Taping. Discussed White House Developments, Presidential Candidates, International Issues

Additional Appearances

2 December, 10 am: Bob Dornanís Radio Show reporting on NDCFís activities.

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