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Highlights 1996


  • Sixth fact-finding/medical mission to Haiti in January

  • Trip to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to observe Coast Guard operations fighting drug trafficking and illegal immigration

  • Two fact-finding trips to Colombia to get first-hand information on the Drug War, one of which was with columnist Robert Novak who then wrote two nationally syndicated articles on the issue

  • Trip to Mexico to meet with U.S. Ambassador Jones and the Chief of Staff of the Mexican Army to try and resolve the problem of transporting surplus UH-1 Huey helicopters to be used in the Drug War

  • Went to El Salvador and met with political leaders to discuss how the Drug Lords have taken over their banking system

  • Major Gil Macklin took the crew from 60 Minutes into Colombia on several occasions to film a story on drugs for their show

  • Went on trips to Saipan to assess the expansion of the Red Chinese in the Pacific

  • Travelled to Manila to meet with Philippine President "Eddie" Ramos and the Deputy head of the Philippine Intelligence Service

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Delivered $95,000 in medical supplies to Mother Teresa's "Missionaries of Charity" orphanage

Went on two medical relief missions to El Salvador supplying medicine for hospitalized children of this war-torn country

Saved over 3,000 lives through these trips this year alone


Op-Ed Pieces:

14 January 1996, Orlando Sentinal, "Conflicts, Wars Cover Most of Globe" by Major Andy Messing and Major Gilbert Macklin

24 March 1996, The Washington Times, "Multinational Force Field Complications" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Kevin Volpe

19 May 1996, The Orlando Sentinal, "Marijuana Use Still a Threat" by Mr. Kevin Volpe

28 July 1996, The Washington Times, "Against a Sea of Drugs..." by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Mark DeMier

13 September 1996, Waco Tribune Herald, "Clinton Bungling the War on Drugs" by Mr. Mark DeMier

22 September 1996, The Washington Times, "Front Line of the Drug War" by Major Gilbert Macklin

29 October 1996, The Harrisburg Patriot News, "To Fight Drugs, US Must Drop Double Standard" by Mr. Carson Nightwine, Jr.

22 November 1996, Los Angeles Times, "Marianas Could Be Pivotal Again" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. Milton Copulos

Featured In/Quoted In:

3 January 1996, The Washington Times, "Defense Group Reports Rise in Small-scale Conflicts" circulated via the Associated Press

11 September 1996, Congressional Record, "Squeezing Blood from a Stone: The Elusive Nature of an Effective US Antidrug Policy" by Mr. Mark DeMier, submitted as testimony before the House International Relations Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, regarding current US Drug Control Strategy


Research paper published 21 February 1996, "Domestic Refining: Target of a WTO Power Grab"

Research paper published August 1996, "Hypothermic Techniques and Cryopreservation Advanced in Forward Combat Casualty Care"

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Lobbied for the Department of Defense Authorization Bill, including DAGGR technology, discharge of HIV+ service members, recognition of U.S. military personnel who served in El Salvador, and 2.1% pay raise

Briefed Members of Congress on drug trafficking and illegal immigration between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Briefed Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on future warfare trends

Briefed Members of Congress and the Media on the military movements of the Chinese Army

Lobbied on Capitol Hill for a stronger national defense and a more cogent foreign policy

Sponsored three informational seminars on Capitol Hill updating Congressional members on issues important to our national defense


Appeared regularly on National Empowerment Television (NET) regarding Chinese military actions, instability/proliferation in Russia, and UN peacekeeping forces

Lectured at American University on "Conflicts in the 21st Century"


Helped 60 Minutes and 48 Hours put together stories on the Drug War

Received a letter of commendation from the Colombian National Police for our help in combating narco-guerrillas

Trained 10 college interns

Sponsored the American Hero Awards in Manila honoring Philippine President Fidel Ramos and Northern Mariana Islands Governor Froilan C. Tenorio

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