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Highlights 1994


Visited Nicaragua in January to see if eradication works against drug plants

26 February-2 March: Visited Israel in February where Major Messing met with former Defense Minister Ariel Sharon; and in July traveled to Egypt to report on Islamic Fundamental Extremists

Below: Sharon and Messing confer at the "Ranch"

26-30 January: Conducted a research trip into the Caribbean and Guatemala to continue studying the Drug War; these trips required traveling to the vortex of the drug growing area

Three separate research and medical trips into the conflict in Haiti

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Delivered over $100,000 worth of medical supplies into Haiti donated by Pfizer, Glaxo, and Doctors' Jenkins, Freeman and Armstrong


Op-Ed Pieces:

16 January 1994, The Washington Times, "Last Chance for a Versatile Defense?" by Major Andy Messing and Mr. E. Feulner III

29 March 1994, The Washington Times, "Regional Turmoil in Guatemala" by Major Andy Messing

March 1994, The World and I, "No Time for Defense Downsizing" by Major Andy Messing

2 May 1994, Insight on the news Diplomacy would curb violence in Latin America by F. Andy Messing

Messing with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in Gaza14 August 1994, The Washington Times, "Shortfall of Oil Defenses" by Milton Copulos


Research paper published 1 June 1994, "Artificial Blood: The Need for Continued Research"

Research paper published July 1994, "The Growing Refining Gap: A Threat to National Security?"

Research paper published 1 October 1994, "Fast Facts: Verification, Organ Banking and Force Conservation"

Research paper published 2 October 1994, "Fast Facts: Brain Resuscitation: The Key to Combat Casualty Survival

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Met with dozens of Congressmen and Senators including Cong. Newt Gingrich, Charles Wilson, Duncan Hunter and Senator Orin Hatch to discuss "defense downsizing"

Lobbied for the special medical needs of Special Operations Units; one project is a brain resuscitation unit


Lectured at the Central Intelligence Agency and Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia on Low-Intensity Conflicts

Also appeared on numerous TV programs to discuss this concept

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