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Highlights 1991


NDCF sponsored a trip to Saudi Arabia to assess the real situation in the Persian Gulf region during the Gulf War

In mid-July, NDCF planned a mission trip to contested areas in El Salvador to provide over 500 pounds of medical aid; this trip was NDCF's 53rd trip to this war-torn country

    NDCF made yet another trip to the grief-stricken countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras with Cong. William Dannemyer

    • While in Guatemala, met with the Defense Minister to discuss the growing drug problem on their border with Mexico
    • In Honduras, met with U.S. embassy personnel and then to a briefing by top Contra leaders like Enrique Burmudex about the Contras
    • This was its 3rd annual Christmas Medical Relief Mission to El Salvador; 400 pounds of high impact antibiotics were delivered to thankful doctors and hospitals in this country

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Over 130 1/2 tons of food and medical supplies have been delivered by NDCF to hot combat areas thus far

Op-Ed Pieces:

17 June 1991, Los Angeles Times, "Democracies Need Nurture to Succeed" by Major Andy Messing

4 October 1991, The Washington Times, "In the Cocaine Jungle" by Major Andy Messing

13 December 1991, The Washington Times, "Dangers of Soviet Turmoil" by Major Andy Messing and Dr. Edward Luttwak

Featured In/Quoted In:

19 March 1991, USA Today, "U.S. Tried to Nab a Soviet Aiding Iraq"

18 October 1991, USA Today, "Special Forces Could Be Used to Make Rescue" RE: USSR involvement in supplying Iraqis

Featured in Newsweek and several books


Exposed how Germans are giving the U.S. 25 year old German equipment instead of cash to aid the coalition in its efforts in the Gulf War; NDCF then gave this information to ABC-TV who then exposed this information

Examined and brought attention to the role of the USSR in continuing its military assistance to Iraq

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Briefed Senator Larry Craig and Cong. Newt Gingrich, Super-Columnist Robert Novak and HUD Secretary Jack Kemp on such issues as the Iraq War, the Soviet Military Intelligence/Industrial Base and other NDCF activities


Appeared on TV interviews on the Iraqi war and its aftermath on FOX, C-SPAN and BBC; also had a lengthy interview with Newsweek Magazine on Special Operations in the Gulf War


Special Recognition:
Note from Vice-President Dan Quayle dated 29 April 1991 thanking Major Messing for his evaluation of, and actions in, the Drug War.

Note from White House Chief of Staff John Sununu dated 7 October 1991 congratulating Major Messing on his op-ed piece titled, "In the Cocaine Jungle"

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