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Highlights 1986


10 October: NDCF took its 29th trip to date into El Salvador for the purpose of surveying the damage done by a massive earthquake.

Traveled to our 12th fact-finding mission to Central America with 37 members of Congress accompanying NDCF to date

    • Cong. Burton and Cong. Packard traveled on a special trip with NDCF to Central America

Went to Honduras to visit freedom fighters; An NDCF representative took with them enough antibiotics to help 500 people.

Conducted a special study of Narco-Guerrilla warfare while visiting war-torn Bogota, Colombia

Traveled with Cong. Burton to the Philippines for the second time in 12 months; arranged for private talks with the Aquino family about the election process


Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Over 110 tons of food and medicine have been sent to various areas to date

9 1/2 tons of food and medical supplies sent to earthquake victims in El Salvador


Op-Ed Pieces:
14 January 1986, Los Angeles Times, "Focusing on Low-Intensity Conflicts: Force Here, Social Justice There? Tend to them All, or Fail" by Major Andy Messing

15 January 1986, Los Angeles Times, "Handicapped by Policy Errors" by Major Andy Messing

23 July 1986, Los Angeles Times, "Let's Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is in the Philippines" by Major Andy Messing


Research paper published, February 1986, "Congressionally Mandated Waste at the Department of Defense: A Billion Dollar Boondoggle"

Research paper published, May 1986, "Solving the Space Launch Crisis"

Research paper published, July 1986, "A Transitional Strategy for a Secure Energy Future"

Research paper published, September 1986, "The Hidden Oil Crisis"

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Organized and led an anti-drug coalition with members of Congress and 20 other groups

Lobbied to get the military more involved in fighting the drug war

Lobbied for Cong. Hunter's bill providing mandatory penalties for certain illegal drug activities

  • Assisted in introducing the Companion bill to the Senate
Active in the 15 April 1986 vote to give aid to the Contras; encouraged lobbying by all NDCF members Briefed Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick of the importance of understanding and dealing with Low-Intensity Conflicts


Sued by ultra-left / pro-Sandinista Christic Institute for $23.8 million

Attacked and accused in the Tower Commission report; was later exonerated

Picked up captured guerrilla documents in El Salvador

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