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  Highlights 1978-1984

NDCF took 13 trips into El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nambia, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean accompanied by Senators, Congressmen, VIPs, and the Associated Press.

During two Congressional trips into El Salvador, the helicopter Major Andy Messing and Cong. Crane were flying in was shot at and subsequently hit. While in Guatemala during a February 1983 mission, Major Messing and Congressman Sensenbrenner were in a helicopter that crashed.
Took extensive fact-finding and humanitarian aid trips with the goal of providing economic advise and distribution of food and medical supplies.

October 1983, NDCF, along with Cong. Sensenbrenner, met with Sandanista leader Daniel Ortega (right)


October 1983, NDCF sponsored a Congressional delegation trip into Grenada during an incursion in that country. (Ieft)

In 1984, NDCF attended the World Anti-Communist League Conference in Taiwan to help coordinate international efforts with regard to political and humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

By June 1984, over $6.5 million worth of food and medical supplies were distributed to war-torn and disaster areas in Central America

Three medical teams were sent into these countries through NDCF efforts


Op-Ed Pieces:


27 March 1981, The New York Times, "Preparing for Irregular Warfare" by Major Andy Messing

23 April 1982, The New York Times, Thinking Irregular Warfare" by Major Andy Messing



Featured In/Quoted In:

27 April 1982, Congressional Record, RE: The Honorable Newt Gingrich "urges his Colleagues" to read the article "Preparing for Irregular Warfare" by Major Andy Messing

2 July 1984, The New York Times, (Front Page) RE: Refugee Relief Project


Researched AWACS aircraft sale; this helped Reagan win his proposed sale to Saudi Arabia

In 1981-1982, Major Messing studied irregular warfare; his findings were reported in the Congressional Record

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

In 1977 and 1981, NDCF lobbied to help stop defense cutbacks by bringing public attention to the importance of Special Forces in the military

In 1979, NDCF lobbied against overregulation of businesses by OSHA.

In 1981, NDCF aided Soldier of Fortune magazine in bio/chemical agents to the forefront of National attention.

In 1981, NDCF lobbied Congress to modify the Posse-Commitatus Act to allow military involvement in the Drug War

In 1984, NDCF wrote, then lobbied for, a bill that was passed (the Denton Amendment) which enabled private emergency medical aid to be shipped on U.S. military planes on a space-available basis


Between the years of 1981-1992, NDCF helped arrange for an Afghan Freedom Fighter delegation to meet with Washington decision-makers

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