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  Highlights 1985


Made 17 trips to conflict areas so far, with over 35 Congressmen and VIPs traveling with NDCF.

Major Messing poses with Doctor Caballero while delivering NDCF food in San Fransisco, El Salvador.

Major Messing and NDCF staffer Tom Davey pause while loading medical supplies for a mission to Central America.
Click here to see a photo of them over 20 years later.

Fact-finding mission to Guatemala to see what good things the government was accomplishing. During this trip, NDCF assisted an 18-member medical team with 35,000 pounds of medicine.

Went to El Salvador to witness the increasing weapon supply to the Sandinistas from the USSR.

Took Congressman Swindall and Congressman Cobey (and ABC) into Central America.

Took Congressman Sensenbrenner and Congressman Dewine to the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua to meet with public officials; were received by officials everywhere except Nicaragua.

Went to the Orient with a special stop to investigate the difficulties troubling the Philippines.

Humanitarian Aid Provided:


Over 100 tons of food and medicine has been shipped to war-torn countries and other areas in need

22 1/2 tons of rice shipped to various countries

12,000 pounds of medical supplies packed and sent to El Salvador with a follow-up medical team

$3 million worth of medical supplies sent to Central America alone

Attempted to set up a refugee relief program in Guatemala

Sent medicines to the country of Ghana

Major refugee relief program planned for Costa Rica


Op-Ed Pieces:

3 September 1985, The Washington Times, "Peru, a Nation gripped by Politics of Contraband" by Major Andy Messing

Featured In/Quoted In:

30 September 1985, Congressional Record, RE: The Honorable James Sensenbrenner cites one of his NDCF sponsored trips to Central America during floor discussion of Nicaraguan aggression against Costa Rica

26 November 1985, Village Voice, "Crusade for Low Intensity Conflict" by James Ridgeway


Mr. Milton Copulos researched the effects of energy, natural gas and the environment

A study of the Contras was completed, which enabled NDCF to lobby on their behalf on Capitol hill

Research paper published, October 1985 "Natural Gas: The Vital Energy Security Link"

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Lobbied for the Contra vote which subsequently influenced new legislation

Promoted Senators Domenici, Gramm, and Johnston's Bill (#S.1252) assuring American energy security

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