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Highlights 1987

Special Events


Andy Messing discusses US anti-drug policy with then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush and current (2001) US President George W. Bush.




February: 39 trips to El Salvador to date by Major Messing and NDCF

Escorted Cong. Sensenbrenner and Cong. Herger to Nicaragua where they talked to key people about important security issues there

April: Two trips to Chile were made by NDCF to assess the political and economic situation there

A fact-finding trip was taken to Israel and Lebanon; this began an experiment in trying to use solutions from regional and local conflicts to solve universal problems

Went to examine the pre-election situation in South Korea with Cong. Robert Dornan and also observed the situation along the Demilitarized Zone; Also visited the Philippines fledgling Democracy

Went to sea on a U.S. aircraft carrier to produce a study on how carrier fleet forces support U.S. defense maneuvers world-wide, with true effectiveness and at relatively low costs

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Over 15 tons of food and medicine provided to El Salvador (This was SIX times our annual budget!); Recipients were refugees that had been hit by Communist backed FMLN Guerrilla Forces. Met with U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Edwin Corr, to discuss the shortcomings of the U.S. aid program.


Op-Ed Pieces:

6 July 1987, Defense News, "Needed: The Right Equipment" by Major Andy Messing and Lt Col Richard Nevitte

Featured In/Quoted In:

3 March 1987, The Washington Post, "Report Disputed on North's Authorship of Notes" RE: Lt.Col. Oliver North and the Tower Investigation on North's memo

3 March 1987, USA Today, "Memos Not North's, Man Says"

4 March 1987, The Economist, "The Road from Laos to Nicaragua"

10 March 1987, The New York Times, "Litigation Over a Chart"


Research paper published, July 1987, "The Ethanol Option: A Key to Security, Employment and Growth"


Drawn into the Iran-Contra "affair" through an error in the Tower Commission Report which resulted in three separate governmental investigations into NDCF activities. First, Independent Counsel Judge Walsh, then House and Senate Select Committees, and finally, the IRS. All this while NDCF had taken the point position in defending President Reagan and Lt.Col. Oliver North

At the end of 1987, the radical-left Christic Institute subpoenaed Major Andy Messing as a witness. NONE OF THESE INVESTIGATIONS, HOWEVER, FOUND ANY WRONG-DOING OR MALFEASANCE BY NDCF

Sponsored the 2nd "American Heroes" Awards

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