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Highlights 1990


On a February trip to Peru, NDCF faced danger as the Helicopter carrying Cong. Burton and Major Messing "force landed" in the midst of a drug processing village

NDCF escorted Bruce Hazelwood and Cong. Sensenbrenenner to Thailand and Laos to study the opium problem first-hand. While in Thailand, met with appropriate U.S. embassy officials and head officials of the Drug Enforcement Administration. In Laos, NDCF met with Communist officials about the drug issue and POW/MIA concerns.

NDCF toured the Central American countries of El Salvador, Peru, and Guatemala

On a mission to El Salvador, NDCF distributed desperately needed medical supplies to save 5,000 lives

To date, NDCF has visited over 24 conflict areas

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

A total of more than 130 tons of food and medical supplies distributed in war-torn and disaster areas by NDCF to date

Several tons of medicine were brought to conflict areas in El Salvador


Op-Ed Pieces:

February 1990, The World & I, "El Salvador: Tet II" by Major Andy Messing

21 February 1990, Los Angeles Times, "Don't Use a Sledgehammer on our Defense Forces" by Major Andy Messing

18 April 1990, Philadelphia Inquirer, "U.S. Marine Strategy Depends on a Strong Carrier Force" by Mr. Bernard Halloran

9 July 1990, The Washington Post, Major Messing addresses the June 22 op-ed column "The War in the Andes" by Rowland Evans
and Robert Novak that concerned a report published by NDCF. "The War in the Andes" by F. Andy Messing.

29 July 1990, The Washington Post, "Our Gulf Giveaway, Why Subsidize Oil for Japan and Europe?" by Mr. Milt Copulos

Fall 1990, Wings of Gold, "The Navy and the Drug War" by Major Andy Messing

23 October 1990, The Washington Times, "Schizophrenic Soviet Power Structure" by Major Andy Messing

Featured In/Quoted In:

29 July 1990, The Washington Post, "Why Subsidize Oil for Japan and Europe"


NOTE: Over 17 research papers on energy and the environment have been published to date by NDCF

Research paper published, "Desert Shield/Desert Storm Fact Sheet

Research paper published, "Answering America's Energy and Environmental Dilemma

Research paper published, "Defense and the Environment: A Primer," Mr. Milt Copulus

Research paper published, "Narco-Guerrilla Conflict: U.S. Drug Control Policy and International Operations"

NOTE: This extensive 70 page study was the culmination of 10 years of research in 16 countries

  • Research paper published, "U.S. Support for Democratic Insurgencies"

    Research conducted on USSR involvement in Iraq

  • Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

    Lobbied for "Work Prisons" where convicted drug types are forced to work to re-pay society

    Met with Drug Czar Secretary William Bennett, Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney and Mr. Robert Gates of the National Security Council to discuss the Drug War; also discussed the Iraq situation


    Letter from William Bennett, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, thanking NDCF for its interest in the Drug War

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