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Highlights 2001


21-28 August: NDCF discusses issues involving the Sprately Islands dispute, drug trafficking from the PRC, and the radical fundamentalist Muslin problem in the Southern Philippines.

Below: Messing with Former President Fidel Ramos

Above: Messing talking to President of the Philippines Arroyo and former President Corezon Aquino (in the yellow dress).

Above: Messing with Bobby Hernandez and a National Police General discussing Anti-Drug efforts

Above: Messing with the Phillipine Speaker of the House, Jose de Vanecia

13 October:
NDCF tours of Boston Harbor with a U.S.Coast Guard Port Security Unit in their Security Boats.

13-17 July: NDCF visited the State Prison in Jalisco, Mexico (left) to talk to a convicted American Drug Dealer there. Major Messing met with senior Officials of the Mexican Police in Guadalajara to discuss various aspects of relations between our two countries.

NDCF conducts a fact finding mission in Colombia to examine the counterdrug effort. NDCF Director, F. Andy Messing Jr. (US Special Forces, Ret.) delivered an award from US Representative Dan Burton to Colombian General Gallago for his successful arrest of counterfeiters who were producing millions of dollars in US currency. (right)

In addition to observing routine reconnaissance missions with the Colombian National Police (CNP), Messing attended an antidrug conference hosted by the CNP, met with U.S.Ambassador Ann Patterson, US MILGRP COMMANDER Colonel Kevin Higgins, and a host of other US and Colombian officials dedicated to the counternarcotics effort.

February: On the 22nd, NDCF traveled to Charleston with a truck-load of medicines to meet their plane and deliver much needed relief to victims of the El Salvadorian earthquakes. Supplies were delivered to Father Flavian Mucci's AGAPE mission in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

Left: Messing bringing in the supplies to Father Flavian Mucci's AGAPE mission in Sonsonate, El Salvador.

Unloading medicineOn the right, Major Messing unloads NDCF medical supplies from an El Salvadoran UH-1H helicopter provided to support NDCF's mission. Below at Comolapa Air Force Base -- from the left, NDCF Operations Officer Tom McNaughton; Maj F. Andy Messing (US Special Forces, Ret.) & NDCF Executive Director; Joe Williams, NDCF Senior Pilot; and, Col Hector Lobo (El Salvadoran Air Force, Ret.) with the AC-500 Aero Commander that delivered the medicine.







Below, Left: Messing and Joe Williams after loading the medicine onto the UH-1H helicopter for delivery.

Below, Right: Father Flavian Mucci welcomes NDCF to his AGAPE mission in Sonsonate, El Salvador.


  • Final coordination for upcoming medical mission to El Salvador (e.g., contracting airplane, acquiring last medicines, manifesting, coordination with the El Salvadoran embassy in Washington, DC)

Lobbying, Consulting, Public Policy Making

  • 26 September 2001: Met with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to discuss 11 September defense missions

  • 1 May 2001: Major Messing testifies before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy & Human Resources on the drug war and U.S. air interdiction efforts in South America after the Peru incident

  • January:
    • Meetings on Capitol Hill to garner support for earthquake victims and problems in El Salvador
    • Continued academic research

Writing, Publications, Studies

  • 3 September 2001: Insight on the News, Steven L. Katz and Adam A. Goldberg Israel and Syria Move Perilously Close to Starting an All-Out War

  • 5 August 2001: Washington Times, Commentary, J. Leonardo Hernandez and F. Andy Messing Jr.,Pursuit of Cross-Border Benefits"

  • 2 August 2001: Washington Times, Mr. Bill Shingleton, "Cozying up to Kazakhstan Ignores State's Undemocratic Tendencies"

  • 17 July 2001: Washington Post, C. Michael Saulino, "Equipping Africans to Respond to Crisis"

  • 13 July 2001: Richmond Times Dispatch, Kristin A. Parker, "U.S. Must Do More Than Focus on Military"

  • 10 July 2001: Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Magdalena, "Defense Plan too Narrow"

  • 2-8 July 2001: Insight Magazine, Mr. Milt Copulos, FDA Abuses Alternative Medicine Industry but is Lax on Drugmakers"

  • 20 June 2001: Washington Times, Commentary, Mr. Pat Oswald & F.Andy Messing, Jr., "Greening of the Drug War"

  • 11 June 2001: Insight Magazine, Mr. Milt Copulos, "Environmentalists play slick with Statistics about ANWR Oil Reserves"

  • 27 April 2001: Washington Times, Commentary, A18, Mr. Pat Oswald and F. Andy Messing Jr., "New Life for Old Issue"

  • 5 April 2001: Washington Times, Commentary, A13, Mr. Eric Heller and F. Andy Messing Jr., China-Mideast Conundrum

  • 13 March 2001: USA Today, Letters, 11A, F. Andy Messing Jr., "Salvador Needs More Quake Aid"

  • 12 March 2001: Washington Times, Letters to the Editor, A14, Mr. Eric Heller, "Between Iraq and a Hard Line"

  • 16 February 2001: The Washington Times, Lettors to the Editor, A16, Mr. Pat Oswald, "Legalizing Drugs Would Be Catastrophic for Third World"

  • 13 February 2001: The Washington Times, Commentary, A15, F. Andy Messing Jr. and Mr. William Shingleton, Changing Dynamics

  • 4 February 2001: The Los Angeles Times, Commentary, M5, F. Andy Messing Jr. and Mr. Leonardo Hernandez, "Internal Strife Menaces Mexico's Agenda"
  • 1 January 2001: The Washington Times, Nation, A4, F. Andy Messing Jr., "Bush Faces World of Conflict - 68 Countries Suffer Rebels, Drug Wars and Other Unrest"

  • Winter 2001: Harvard Asia Quarterly, Mr. William Shingleton and John McConnell, "From Tamerlane to Terrorism: The Shifting Basis of Uzbek Foreign Policy"

Television and Radio

  • Appearances regarding the 11 September attacks and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
    • 2 DEC MSNBC 1100hrs
    • 5 DEC Hardball 1900hrs
    • 9 DEC 1430hrs
    • 10 DEC Hardball 1900hrs
    • 11 DEC 1845hrs
    • 12 DEC Brian Williams 2000hrs
    • 14 DEC 1800hrs
    • 17 DEC 1705hrs
    • 18 DEC 1805hrs
    • 20 DEC Hardball 1900hrs
    • 22 DEC 1830hrs
    • 26 DEC Hardball 1900hrs
    • 27 DEC 2000hrs
    • 29 DEC 1530 & 1630hrs
    • 27 NOV MSNBC 6:35pm
    • 26 NOV MSNBC Lester Holt 11:20pm
    • 23 NOV MSNBC
    • 19 NOV MSNBC Hardball
    • 15 NOV NBC Nightly News and MSNBC at 11:15pm
    • 10 NOV MSNBC Hardball 6:45pm
    • 9 NOV MSNBC 11:10pm
    • 8 NOV CNBC 7:30pm
    • 7 NOV MSNBC Hardball
    • 2 NOV MSNBC Brian Williams 11:10pm
    • 29 OCT MSNBC Brian Williams
    • 27 OCT MSNBC Hardball
    • 10/11 MSNBC
    • 10/9 MSNBC with Brian Williams
    • 10/8 NBC with Forrest Sawyer
    • 10/7 NBC with Tom Brokaw and MSNBC
    • 10/4 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
    • 10/3 CNBC Geraldo Rivera
    • 10/1 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
    • 9/26 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
    • 9/25 MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
    • 9/23 MSNBC
    • 9/22 MSNBC twice
    • 9/21 Four appearances on MSNBC, including "Hardball" with Chris Matthews
    • 9/20 Fox TV
    • 9/19 British Sky TV
    • 9/18 Australian TV channels 7 and 9
    • 9/15 and 9/16 "This Is America" with Dennis Wholey
    • 9/14 Fox TV

  • 26 July 2001: Renaissance Network, Interview with Robert Novak on Defense and Foreign Affairs

  • 15 June 2001: Fox TV, Hanna & Colmes, Debate on U.S. Military serving in U.N. Forces

  • 1 May 2001: C-SPAN (Drug Issues - testimony before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy & Human Resources)

  • 24 April 2001 Renaissance Network (Drug Issues)

  • 23 April 2001 CNN Crossfire (Drug Issues)

  • 23 April 2001 Lehrer Newshour (Drug Issues)

  • 19 April 2001 Robert K. Dornan Radio Show (Defense and Foreign Affairs)

  • 16 March 2001 Renaissance Network (Defense and Foreign Affairs)

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