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Highlights 2003

NDCF Activities

7 January - Met with key industry leaders to discuss their concerns over energy security in the wake of September 11th and the anticipated action in Iraq.
8 January - Met with senior staff of the Senate Interior Committee concerning energy security and environmental issues.
10 January - Meeting in Miami w/ Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict expert to discuss Colombia/Iraq and other warfare issues.  Additionally, met with Public Relations Consultant about Media appearances.
18 January - Speaking engagement in Naples, Florida on Defense & Foreign Affairs matters.
20 January - Started 2003 NDCF Research Assistant Program.

Above: Heidi Bonnett and Ryan Scalise, 2003 NDCF Research Assistants, pose in front of some of the many articles published in major media over the years by NDCF staff and Research Assisstants.   Heidi and Ryan published several important articles in the national media and conducted important research on defense topics of interest to NDCF.

22 January - Meeting with other Defense Group types to discuss current issues. Held follow-up discussions with Interior Committee staff.
23 January - Meeting with Mr. Barry Jackson in Old Executive Office Building concerning alternative energy sources & NDCF's research and writings in that area. We described our soon to be published report on America’s addiction to imported oil. Milt Copulos was the primary briefer.
25 January - Attended a Change of Command ceremony of a Port Security Unit (PSU) in St. Petersburg, Florida for Homeland Security briefings.

3 February - Held discussions concerning the establishment of a coalition of groups to address energy security issues.
20 February - Spoke to Leadership Institute Interns on Government & Politics in Washington D.C.
22 February - Appeared on FOX NEWS 0825hrs concerning IRAQ War out of D.C.
24 February - Attended a Council on Foreign Relations brief in D.C. on the subject on "Defense Contractors "like DYNCORP & Brown & Root....whether they are effective...

3 March - Participated in Nationally televised press event concerning hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.
13 March - Participated in White House briefing featuring Karl Rove and Elliot Abrams.
14 March - Appeared on FOX and Friends to discuss the crisis in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.
17 March - Featured on nationally syndicated Mitch Album radio program.
30 March - Met with Key NDCF contributors to discuss NDCF agenda for 2003 in Alexandria.

6 April - Published op ed “Visionary Energy Proposal” in the Washington Times. Click here to read complete article

26 April - Speaking engagement at the Council on National Policy about Special Operations Forces in the IRAQ War entitled "A new Paradigm”

1 May - Meeting with NDCF Pilot Joe Williams in Charleston, SC to discuss feasibility of future Medical & Research trips using private airplanes.
2-6 May - Traveled to Colombia to continue research on the DRUG War by meeting with National Police Representatives, Media, and U.S. Government people to discuss the Narco-Guerrila Conflict there. Additionally, traveled to a remote site 60 miles outside of Bogota. Also discussed the modalities of a near future transfer of Medicines to Colombia.
14 May - Turned over Chinese Military documents to the U.S. Government referring to U.S. Special Operations and the National Security Agency procured by an NDCF contributor.
20 May - Met with senior industry officials regarding energy security report.
26 May - Met with DoD officials concerning use of advanced energy technologies.

Above: Major Messing in the El Dorado, Colombia airport while visiting in May 2003.

June 2003 Held discussions with officials of the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command regarding NDCF study of national security implications of oil imports
14-29 June - Consultations with NDCF advisors about future overseas projects.
18-23 June - Coordinated writing Research Assistant writing projects.
24 June - Meeting with Retired General and Latin American expert on up-coming NDCF projects.

8 July - Lectured Leadership Institute Interns on Defense and Foreign Affairs.
23 July - Published "The Real Cost of Imported Oil" in the Washington Times. Click here to read the entire article
25 July - Attended Council on Foreign Affairs meeting about "Contracting Services " to the Military.

03 August - Published in the Washington Times: Cuba libre This article examines possible outcomes in Cuba after Fidel Castro.
12 August - Conference with Council of Foreign Relations Staff Member Steve Flynn on Port Security issues.
22 August - Meeting in Miami with Latin American Legislator and retired military leader on Central American issues.

25 September - Released America’s Achilles Heel: the Hidden Costs of Imported Oil, A Strategy for Energy Independence, a report of the findings of NDCF’s year-long investigation of the economic and security costs of oil imports as well as a strategy to reduce our dependence.
25 September - Lectured Leadership Institute Interns on Defense and Foreign Affairs.
26 September - Published: Meeting The Need: Assuring Military Fuel Supplies. This report examined ways of assuring that the Armed Forces have the fuel they need in the event of a disruption of oil imports.
26 September - Released: The Economic Impact of ANWR Resources, an in-depth review of the economic and security implications of oil reserves on Alaska’s North Slope.
26 September - Published NDCF “Fast Facts” ANWR and Jobs, a brief summary of the findings of our longer Alaska report.
29 September - Briefing by Afghanistan and Iraqi Special Forces Veteran on situation there.
30 September - Keynote Speaker, Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Annual Conference. Addressed an audience of several thousand in Las Vegas at the natural gas vehicle industry’s most important annual event.

7 October - Featured Speaker at the Energy and Environmental Study Institute along with former CIA Director James Woolsey at an event commemorating the 30th anniversary of the OPEC oil embargo.
18 October - Met with Senator Murkowski (R) Alaska, to discuss NDCF’s report on the economic and security implications of developing Alaskan oil.
21 October - Published NDCF Issue Brief on Alaska’s Stranded Gas
22 October - Senator Murkowski (R) Alaska, features NDCF report in Senate Floor Speech
23 October - Meeting with NDCF Advisor & SPECOPS expert in Miami who just returned from IRAQ.
29 October - Meeting with Air Force Tactical Ops Vet & NDCF consultant.
30 October - Featured Speaker at Institute for the Analysis of Global Security on the topic of defense implications of imported oil and the security of Middle East oil supplies.
30 October - Coordination meeting with Research Assistants on writing assignments.

4 November - Met with Department of Energy Officials about a follow-up report to our energy security study.
4 November - Meeting with Deptartment of Energy Representatives at Foundation with NDCF President Milt Copulos.
5 November - Washington Black Tie event.
9 November - Washington Times publishes op-ed by NDCF President Milton R. Copulos "Energy Intransigence"
18 November - Featured Speaker at DOE “Clean Cities” Conference in Washington, D.C.
21-24 November - Medical and Fact-Finding Mission to Colombia.
25 November - Meeting in Miami with NDCF Board member.

Above: Nov-Dec 2003 - Major Messing delivering medicine to a Colombian Army unit to be used for Civic Action projects.

7 December - Washington Times published joint Op-Ed by Major Messing and Liz Stafford entitled "UN Troop Fantasies"
9 December - Meeting with US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command officials to discuss future research.
16 December - Meeting with Department of Energy officials regarding follow-up to our energy security study.
17 December - Meeting with Council of Foreign Relations Defense experts regarding current Defense structure.
23 December - Washington Post published rebuttal commentary by former US Ambassador Thomas Pickering, former US Ambassador Michael Cotter and NDCF Senior Research Analyst William Shingleton on Frederick Starr's Dec. 19 op-ed article, "Afghanistan Land Mine,"
30 December - NDCF Conflict Count information given to Associated Press and put on world-wide wire.
31 December - Answered numerous press calls on AP wire story on Conflict Count. Also met with US Army Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell, wounded in Iraq, at Walter Reed Army Hospital with retired Special Forces Command Sergeant Major Steve Greer.

Television and Radio

Appearances Regarding Defense and Foreign Affairs

  • Milt Copulos:

  • 14 March - Appeared on “FOX and Friends” to discuss the crisis in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.
    17 March - Featured on nationally syndicated Mitch Album radio program.
    18 April - Featured on the “Schiffer Report” radio program discussing Saudi Arabia.
    2 December - Appeared on Fox and Friends

  • Major Messing:

  • 22 February - Appeared on “FOX NEWS” 0825hrs in D.C. concerning IRAQ War.
    10 March - Appeared on CNBC “Kudlow & Cramer” in Miami about IRAQ War.
    21 March - CNBC appearance 610PM in D.C. about IRAQ War.
    4 April - Interviewed on “MSNBC” 9PM in Miami about IRAQ War.
    5 April - Interviewed on “FOX NEWS” 715AM in Miami about IRAQ War.
    6 August - Appeared on FOX & FRIENDS at 0720hrs.
    28 September - Guest on FOX NEWS at 0820hrs.
    15 December - Appearance on "Scarbough Country", MSNBC at 2230hrs discussing IRAQ situation.
    20 December - Appearance on FOX NEWS at 0900hrs about IRAQ.

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