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Highlights 1992


While on an eleven day tour of Pakistan, NDCF extensively toured Kashmir to note the alarmingly huge drug production in the region known as the "Golden Crescent"; also reviewed by staff members was the ethnic and religious turmoil in the same region, and the Soviet sale of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to Iran, India and others.

NDCF visited the Philippines to get a first-hand view of the political, economical, and social problems facing that country; the NDCF group advised Fidel Ramos on using certain election techniques; NDCF spoke with military, business, religious and political leaders so that the true facts of the current situation could surface here in Washington.

While touring Panama, NDCF paid particular attention to the state of the canal that is so vital to that country's economy; also noticed and discussed where the riots were taking place and the incredible drug problem the country has. These and other pertinent issues were discussed with the Vice-President of Panama, as well as the U.S. Ambassador, and the Administrator of the Panama Canal Commission.

Went to the Special Operations command in Tampa, Florida to exchange ideas on the military's role in the Drug War.


Visited South Korea to discuss continued North Korean aggression and the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program. NDCF also traveled to the Philippines to meet with President Fidel Ramos to discuss issues ranging from continued U.S. military access to energy and environmental problems; talked to vice-president Erap Estrada about the Drug War.

An exciting academic research trip to war-ravaged Peru looked at the "Shining Path" guerrilla group and how they, the MRTA guerrilla group and the Drug Lords have been destroying that country.

Humanitarian Aid Provided:

Delivered medicine into El Salvador for NDCF's fifth annual Christmas Relief Mission.

Op-Ed Pieces:

5 February 1992, The Washington Times, "Hidden Conflict in Kashmir" by Major Andy Messing

27 March 1992, The Washington Times, "The Continuing Revolution" by Major Andy Messing

29 April 1992, The Washington Times, "Drug Abuse at Work" by Mr. Stuart Rosenthal

10 May 1992, The Washington Times, "Changing Face of Panama" by Major Andy Messing

28 December 1992, The Washington Times, "Inconsistencies of the War on Drugs" by Major Andy Messing

Featured In/Quoted In:

25 November 1992, The Washington Post, "The Battle in Cocaine Valley" by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak

Lobbying / Public Policy Making:

Met with President Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Governor Sununu, Mr. Lee Atwater and others at the White House to discuss three issues: 1) Unwarranted dismantling of the Department of Defense, 2) The Former Soviet Union's military-industrial complex is still very powerful and dangerous despite the breakup of that country and 3) Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Proliferation.

Spoke to Vice President Dan Quayle and Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney to advise them it was an unwise move to cut 500,000 in active duty and reserve units; also discussed the chemical and biological weapons problem and Special Operations in Peru.

On 31 July, hosted a seminar for the top Special Forces Operations and Anti-Drug experts in U.S. and Canada; Dr. John Waghelstein of the U.S. Naval War College was the featured speaker.

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